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A very good Friday afternoon to you -

Wow. Friday already. I know I've said this before but the weeks go by faster and faster. Have they taken a day out? Did I miss some sort of Act of Parliament saying "It's official: We can't afford Wednesday anymore so let's skip it. The budget will go a bit further?" Anyway, the 'up' side is that the weekend is here.

And if you're a sucker for soppy love then fill your boots up, my friends. It's Valentine's Weekend. Yes, the schmaltz-fest is normally restricted to just the 24 hours. I suspect it's going to stretch across the full 2 days this year. Good news for florists, restaurants and jewellers. Bad news for people who think Valentine's is a load of phooey. You pays your money - and takes your choice. Or not.

Of course, our Friday programme comes complete with a look at a couple of the big movies out this weekend. (So you can always go and cry in the darkness of your local picture house if the Valentine's bit doesn't work out. And if it does, you can still take advantage of the darkness...) So, there's one film about a young lad called Percy and his Olympian chums. Have to say the trailer looks right up my street. And then there's Valentine's Day. This one - to me, at least - looks like a poor man's 'Love Actually'. Don't take my word for it though - Mr King will be here with his expert opinion.

Adding weight to the weekend theme is a sofa chat with, well, he's an old friend of the programme now. Pop sensation, Lemar, will be here. Lovely voice. Lovely man. He's got a new single to tell us about.

On the news front, we've got the latest on the blasting Eurostar suffered today, with a report on the way it handled the appalling weather we had before Christmas. Trains stuck in tunnels. Passengers left in ignorance.

There's a report on a little girl who was sent to hospital suffering from terrible burns. But that hospital was in Haiti - when the earthquake struck. Well, she's at Great Ormond Street now where her future is looking somewhat brighter.

Plus we've the latest on a woman's fight to be treated fairly (she says) when it comes to wearing a cross to work for British Airways. There're the school children who couldn't believe their lucky when Michelle Obama turned up for Assembly last year and now they really can't believe their luck - they're going to meet her again. At the White House. I think the most exciting school trip we had was to the local woods where there used to be Bronze Age settlement. I can remember the teacher now "Why are you yawning, Scotchbrook?"

One more story to tempt you with - Status Quo, receiving their honours at the Palace today. That's Status Quo B E. (Blame that one on Brendan, our news editor. It's been a long week).

Got to go. Got to go to make-up. I know. A grown man too.

See you at six.

Ben & Nina

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