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Good afternoon all.

First, tonight: police who say they broke up an Al-Qaida terrorism cell after catching a man filming on the Underground have released footage he took on his mobile phone. It follows a story Marcus covered for us last week about complaints police are using anti-terrorism laws to stop people taking photographs in London. So, with the police saying they may have averted a major atrocity - where do you stand now on just how far the police should be able to go? Marcus has the story for us.

Next, a man found guilty of a violent attack on a gay couple in their home in south east London back in March is facing life in jail tonight. Gerald Edwards was killed while his partner, Chris Bevan, only survived after having his heart massaged as he lay on the blood-covered floor of his flat. He was left with "catastrophic injuries" and police have commended his bravery in giving evidence by video-link to help bring 46 year old David Kilcullen to justice. Chris talks to us about the attack and the devastation of losing his partner of 18 years.

Also, as the World's leaders meet in Copenhagen to discuss climate change, Boris Johnson told delegates at the summit of his plans to make London the greenest city in Europe. And, as Boris rubbed shoulders with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 'Johnsonator' also claimed that Londoners would soon all live within a mile of a charging point for an electric car...More power to him...

Elsewhere...the head teacher who suspended 300 children when he took charge of a failing Dagenham school has been knighted after turning it around and speculation about the future ownership of West Ham United continues following a bid by former Birmingham City owners, Davids Sullivan and Gold.

And, Lucy's been to meet former 'Sex Pistols' frontman, John Lydon, as he prepares to tour with the reformed 'Public Image Limited'. One of those interviews you might be a bit nervous about beforehand, but Lucy says he was totally charming, or utterly butterly wouldn't melt, perhaps? Sorry about the jokes, I can't believe they're not better...!

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