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Weather blog

Good evening,
Snow's great. Especially at this point in December. As those of us who are perenially disorganised begin the panic of present buying, filled with self hatred at not having learnt from previous experience & resenting the fact that there are other people on the pavements too, it provides a welcome glimpse into how Christmas should look according to the cards & the movies. The practical horrors of last minute shopping are anaesthetised by soft white flakes falling from the sky & the frosted landscape demands that we take a moment to appreciate the magical transformation.
Then, of course, reality kicks in & the practicalities of getting to & from work/school/etc. overshadow everything else & the magic becomes tarnished at roughly the same pace as the snow turns grey & slushy. But then each time there is a fresh fall, our spirits are raised again & the cycle cranks into action one more time.
This will be the pattern over the next few days as the cold cuts, the frost bites & the snow flurries. Enjoy.
Hope to see you later,