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Weather blog

Good evening,
Our local golf club is under new management. It's recently had a multi-million pound makeover to include an upgrade of all the sporting facilities, a rebrand & a new chef.
Of course there are, despite all these improvements, rumblings of discontent from the old guard who have a rather more traditional approach to the golf club concept. Interestingly, they are not unhappy about the inclusion of pilates classes or the new juice bar, it's the fact that there is now an army of high chairs in the dining room heralding a move away from the old gentleman's club atmosphere towards 'family dining'.
I do understand this resisitance to change, after all none of us adjusts easily, but in their shoes I would be much more troubled by the bold new sign at the entrance gates which proudly declares 'Sunday lunches; now being served every Sunday.'
There's a good chance play will be interrupted over the next few days because snow is on the way. Any time from tomorrow lunchtime onwards. Perhaps the dining room -despite the high chairs- will provide the ideal refuge.
See you later,