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Weather blog

Good evening,
We had something of a Railway Children moment at the weekend.
It didn't involve making flags out of our underwear or stealing coal from the local station, but we did witness a (very minor) landslide. We were driving along a lane, luckily very slowly owing to the stormy weather, when about 10 metres ahead of us the bank gave way & a large old oak fell directly across our path.
My immediate reaction was that we were incredibly fortunate not to have been a couple of moments earlier which would have meant that the car & its occupants would have been flattened.
It all happened in a matter of seconds but it seemed, like the Railway Children landslide moment, to unfold in slow motion. Although we were involved we felt more like observers & it was only after we'd turned around to retreat home that the shock & relief of our near miss kicked in.
Given the recent rainfall & the strong winds our experience is probably not uncommon but it will, hopefully, become more of a rarity over the next few days as conditions turn a little brighter albeit a touch colder.
Hope to see you later,