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Good evening,

We've got a densely packed show tonight so I'll press on.

Simon Harris will be in Barking where a BNP meeting will be taking place later this evening. Ahead of that he will be getting the latest from Messrs Griffin & Barnbrook as they visit the area where they hope to win their first Parliamentary seat .

As a nation of dog lovers many of us will be disturbed by the story of a guide dog being attacked at Cricklewood tube station. What would you do if your dog (God forbid) was the aggressor? It won't be easy viewing but maybe lessons can be learned.

Emma Walden will be in Paddington where a schoolgirl from Slough received treatment for swine flu. This story does not have a happy ending as the girl, tragically, has died.

And the theme of violence on the streets continues with traffic wardens (always easy targets) being subjected to both physical & verbal attacks not only by motorists but also passers by. Phil Bayles will fill us in.

The poor souls who lost their homes in Friday's fire in Bockingham Green may have been given temporary accommodation but, as Murray Dron will explain, they are feeling somewhat abandoned.

Liz Wickham has been in Croydon where Dawn Morgan, who was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago but who has since, thankfully, been given the all clear has become a poster girl for Cancer Research UK.

The future of beleaguered Southend Pier looks shaky. Despite plans being drawn up for a revamp it looks as though the funding to make the proposals a reality are not forthcoming as Damien Steward will explain.

We'll be tackling Christmas from 2 very different perspectives this evening. Sally Rourke will have the latest on the threat of tube & bus strikes which would inevitably bring chaos and misery once again. And Lucy Cotter will be doing a round-up of the panto offerings around the region over the next few weeks. Joy.

So there you are. A veritable feast which I hope you'll enjoy at 6 tonight.

See you then,

Robin & Katie.