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Hi there. Good weekend, I hope? We start the week with another packed show.

Last week, we brought you the shocking story of a murdered mother of two left mutilated in the street in Greenford. Tonight, the understandably emotional family of Geeta Aulakh have spoken of their 'living nightmare' since the 28-year-old was attacked on her way to picking up her two young sons from the child minder.

Also tonight, we report on the extension to the Oyster card scheme and the confusion that even Boris Johnson seems to have over where and when exactly it can be used? And the end of an era at Heathrow as Terminal 2 shuts before a one-billion-pound redevelopment project. Quick stat for you - 316 million check-ins over 54 years at T2! It's seen lots of history too - it's where those iconic shots of the Beatles being mobbed were taken back in the 60's and it's also seen the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly pass through it over the years. Plus, of course, Lewis Vaughan Jones.

Also, 'The People's MIllions' make a welcome return tonight, with the chance for community projects here in the capital to benefit from grants of up to fifty thousand pounds. We'll highlight four very deserving projects this week and then you can help us decide who benefits. Glen Goodman will be employing utter impartiality!

And, live in the studio tonight - an international rock star who's sold millions of records worldwide and has been shocking audiences for over forty years. None other than Vincent Furnier will be on the programme. You know, Vincent Furnier? Massive golf fan, son of a pastor? No? Ok - try his stage name: Alice Cooper - how's that?

Not quite sure what to expect from Mr Cooper, to be honest. I've read the back-in-the-day hell raising stories and I like the classic hits, 'School's Out' and 'Poison'? But you've got to be a tad nervous when someone who's been theatrically killed on stage more than 60,000 times comes on a live 6 O'clock news programme to promote a tour entitled, 'Theatre of Death'? I mean, what could possibly go wrong?! Still, I also hear that in recent years, his love of golf and a quiet cuppa have replaced his rock n' roll ways. So, will the real Vincent Furnier please stand up? Or, better still, sit down and tell us all about it.

See you at Six

Matt and Lucy

By the way, can someone tell Lucy to stop singing Christmas songs, it's November?!?!?! Although, someone's just broken out the Quality Street...ho, ho, ho!