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Weather blog

Good evening,
Having been driving for many years I've encountered a wide variety of motoring conditions. Standing water, ice, blizzard, flood, heatwave, gales & even fire, but this morning I had my first brush with the threat that fallen leaves can pose.
Like many people I'm guilty of an impatient & sceptical sigh at the mention of disruption to rail services due to leaves on the track, but (& I'm reluctant to admit this) I can see the sense of it after my near miss this morning.
My journey to work begins with a drive to the station & the leaves which have been steadily falling over recent weeks have now -thanks to a spell of damp weather- become a slimey pulp along some roads. So shortly after breakfast today I had to take evasive action as I rounded a corner to be greeted by a large, shiney 4x4 heading straight towards me. I wasn't moving very quickly but I needed to slow down before pulling into the verge & no sooner had I touched the brakes than I was sliding around with little control over my trajectory. It felt very like the time I aquaplaned my just-bought-with-my-first-pay-cheque car into the side of a milk lorry. Luckily on this occasion disaster was avoided but while the leaves & rain continue to fall I will proceed with extreme caution & urge you (although I suspect you don't need my advice) to do the same.
There'll be a bit of everything weatherwise over the next few days, but at least it'll be getting a little milder.
Hope to see you later,