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A very big HELLO to you on this pretty chilly November afternoon.

Now - being left out in the cold has a certain exclusive ring to it. Unless, of course, being left out there is down to you. You know, when you've lost the keys or locked yourself out. So you can't get inside to your wife, who's giving birth in the bathroom. That's one of our stories tonight.

Another is that of an old soldier who won the Victoria Cross in the 1st World War. That was tribute 1 for his bravery. Tribute 2 is a statue being unveiled in his home town of Barking today.

We're leading on shoplifting tonight. Incidents in London have shot up recently - not so much by who you might consider the 'usual suspects' but middle class, middle-aged, women who are struggling to come to terms with the impact the recession is having on their lives.

Next up: Sharon Shoesmith is back in court - as is her claim for wrongful dismissal. You'll remember she was given the sack from her job as Head of Children's Services at Haringey Council. Well, in the big legal battle that has ensued it seems Ofsted didn't offer up all the papers they should have.

We're also reporting on the repatriation of Darren Chant - the Regimental Sergeant Major from Walthamstow who was killed by an Afghanistani policeman last week.

And we're talking to another old soldier. I recently saw Sir Michael Caine speaking very clearly about the horrors of the Korean War in which he served. He has a new film out which depicts a pretty grim lifestyle around Elephant and Castle. That's where he's from. That's what it's like, he says. Not so, say others.

So - lots for us to bring you tonight.

We will see you at six.

Ben & Katie