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FW: weather blog

Good evening,
We have a prolific apple tree in the garden. Year after year the branches are laden with fruit from late summer to late autumn. It looks wonderful; the green of the apples, hinting at a certain sweet tartness, contrasting with the yellow & gold of the leaves.
Sadly, however, the apples are not good. In fact they are awful. They are thick skinned with a dry, woody flesh that is not improved by cooking- if anything they become more indigestible, turning leathery & flovourless after a few moments' stewing.
Not even a generous helping of blackberries saves the situation & this year we've finally conceded defeat. We must accept that the apple tree is ornamental, its fruit to be enjoyed by the wildlife before we are required to do the mind numbing job of clearing the windfalls which always seems to happen in a cold, steady drizzle.
Although there's more wet stuff tomorrow, things do look better for Thursday when it'll be milder too so perhaps that's the day for me to get out in the garden....
Hope to see you later,