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Weather blog

Good evening,
It's almost as if the weather's trying to make a liar of me.
Following yesterday's mini rant in the blog about grey skies & near permanent semi-darkness, we're about to be treated to some very mild days & some decent spells of sunshine. It would be really quite disconcerting if it wasn't for the fact that we'll have to endure 36 hours of heavy showers before we get there; everything, even the weather it seems, comes at a price.
No sooner will the clocks have gone back to GMT in the early hours of Sunday morning, than we'll be offered a couple of sunny days with well above average temperatures.
It's an act of meteorological defiance that should be cause for celebration.
If you're thinking ahead to the weekend my advice to you, based on the current data, is indoors on Saturday (a trip to a Swedish funiture shop for a blazing row & a plate of cheap meatballs) & outdoors on Sunday (a long walk followed by a pub lunch & mumbled apologies).
Hope to see you later,