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Hello there. A quick word on yesterday's programme first and how nice was Alexandra Burke, by the way? You may have heard me tell her that my seven year old daughter is a big fan and ask if she'd be able to do a turn at her December birthday party. Well, she can't do that, obviously so it'll have to be 'Billy the Balloonman' again, unfortunately. But Alexandra did take the time after the show to write her an early birthday card. My daughter had some of her little pals round to watch Alexandra on the programme last night and I gave her the card this morning before school. She was absolutely thrilled and took it to class for 'Show and Tell'. Daddy-points all round!

Right, tonight's programme then, and a second runway could be back on the agenda for Gatwick, after the airport was sold for a whopping 1.5 billion pounds. It's too early to talk about any possible plans say the new owners, but better services for passengers are the priority, as well as increasing capacity. It's set alarm bells ringing for residents in the nearby villages of Charlwood and Langley Green, which could be flattened by a second runway. Lewis Vaughan Jones has been out gauging the mood for us and reports live later.

More cries of 'fat cats!' today with London's Olympic bosses defending themselves against claims they're raking in huge salaries and bonuses.
It provoked heated exchanges inside the London Assembly with the chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority asked to justify his quarter-of-a-million pound salary for working a three-day week. Our Political Correspondent Simon Harris (who pays ITN to work 8 days a week!) watched the proceedings at City Hall and will report back for us.

Now, yesterday we asked whether you were having any problems picking up a copy of the Evening Standard since it changed its distribution pattern after becoming free. The response on the emails and texts has been huge overnight and it would appear the answer is a resounding, 'Yes!' Just as an example: On the emails, Mike Spellman says he's 'gutted' because he can't get the Standard in any of his local stores around Windsor. Alex from Dulwich has the same problem and says he'd rather pay the 50p and be guaranteed to get hold of it. A sentiment echoed by Pat in NW11 on the text and Suzanne in Hertfordshire. And Brian in Carshalton wonders whether having to get the car out to go and hunt down a copy can be deemed as any sort of progress in the communications industry?

Showbiz and as promised, Daniel O'Donnell is on the sofa later. His musical stats are pretty amazing: In a career spanning a quarter of a century he's sold more than ten MILLION records and has had an album in the charts every year since 1988. He's looking to carry that on with his latest offering. Too quick fascinating facts that fans will no doubt already be aware of about Daniel, but apparently he throws an annual tea party at his home in Donegal for his legion of fans (I don't know if they're expected to bring their own biscuits or not?) And, if you write to him on his website and make a small donation to a children's charity, he'll send out a personally signed Christmas card on your behalf! I hate writing Christmas cards. How much to do the whole lot do you reckon?

See you at Six.

Matt and Katie.