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Brief blog today...bit of a busy afternoon!

Our top story centres on the BNP. We will, of course, be keeping an eye on the growing number of protesters gathering outside BBC Television Centre ahead of leader Nick Griffin's highly controversial appearance on Question Time later. But we'll also show you secretly shot footage of the BNP refusing entry to a group of non-white people to one of their meetings. It was taken on the same day that the BNP was forced to change its constitution to admit black and Asian members. The party says the meeting, held in a Dagenham pub, was members only, yet there are claims that a blonde haired, blue eyed Swedish women - the only white member of the group trying to gain entry but also the only non-British member - was allowed in. Curious. I should tell you that the shooting of the footage was orchestrated by a journalist (sneaky devils that they are), but tune in, take a look and judge for yourselves.

Also tonight, war is being waged on grotesque gardens in east London with Barking and Dagenham Council clamping down on those which might lower the tone of the neighbourhood. Council officers aren't taking any prisoners either, with people being ordered to clean up their fly-tipped and overgrown yards or face fines. What do you reckon? A good idea or 'get off my land!!' Get in touch after you've heard the full story from the green-fingered Emma Walden later.

Next up: Halloween's creeping up on us (spookily, no doubt) and although the practice of 'trick or treating' is seen as harmless fun by many, it really can be a complete nightmare for others. So much so that some people in Waltham Forest have been issued with "not interested" posters. The council has also issued a ban on the sale of eggs and flour to under 18s. I know a lot of people don't really understand why we follow this American tradition at all, but for younger children I think it's pretty harmless. My two are dressing up and heading round the village again, knocking on doors, but there are strict rules to follow: They'll be in a group and accompanied by adults (well, they are only 4 and 7); they'll generally only knock on the doors of people we know and they will be supremely polite at all times, on pain of death! Frankly, I'm not sure why children above the age of ten or twelve would want to go trick or treating anyway and I think the posters are a good idea, in theory. But you do have to wonder whether advertising the fact that you don't want to be visited by trick or treaters is somewhat asking for trouble.

Oh...and if you heard the steadily deteriorating tones of Katie on last night's programme, you won't be surprised to learn that Lucy is covering for her today. Katie's voice has completely gone now, apparently. She's saying nothing...and neither am I!

See you later.