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Weather blog

Good evening,
There are fig trees outside the Houses of Parliament.
I noticed them on my walk to work this morning, next year's fruits already looking plump & healthy & the leaves looking waxy & strong. I was momentarily transported to warmer climes & memories of summer holidays.
I only mention this because the current weather (mild perhaps, but overcast & wet for many of us) seemed so at odds with this rather exotic tree. I realise that our temperate climate provides good growing conditions for a broad range of plants, but at this point in October with the clocks due to go back imminently, if the weather decides to turn overcast & damp it can get a little depressing. It feels like permanent dusk & we find ourselves living in -as a Spanish friend of mine rather poetically puts it- 'a land without shadows'.
So grab your sunshine wherever you can, even if it comes in the guise of a fig tree....
Hope to see you later,