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Hello. On the programme tonight, we report on the case of five senior prison officers who are facing disciplinary action after vulnerable inmates were swapped between two London prisons to keep them out of sight of inspectors. Two of the prisoners went on to harm themselves after being shuffled between Wandsworth and Pentonville. Justice Secretary Jack Straw has ordered an investigation and described the practice as 'reprehensible'. Ronke Phillips will have all the details for us

After we bring you the day's other news, there's a bit of a South American theme to proceedings with the mayor of Rio de Janeiro in town to find out what it's like to run an Olympic city. Nothing out of the ordinary for Simon Harris to sink his teeth into there, you'd think, until Rio's answer to Bo Jo (Ro de Jo, maybe?) announced his desire to transport part of the Olympic stadium from London to Brazil after 2012?! All yours, Simon. Then, after mentioning him on yesterday's blog, Jenson Button joins us fresh from his Interlagos escapades at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Well, he's in Bluewater actually. The newly crowned F1 World Champion says if he and last year's winner Lewis Hamilton both have competitive cars next season, we could be in for quite a contest. Now, I like F1, but not half as much as Mr. Alastair Stewart (formally of this parish), who absolutely loves it! Time for a bit of a guest blogette...

"What a joy beckons for us F1 fans next year! The heir to James Hunt, naughty and charismatic, taking on the greatest natural talent currently in the game - and still so young! My only sadness is divided loyalties, having known JB longer than LH. But they are both men we, the sport and the nation can be excitedly proud of. Bring on the opening roar!"

Thanks Mr. S!

Now, I'm genuinely excited about our studio guest tonight - former winner of X-Factor, Islington's own Alexandra Burke joins us to talk about her astonishing rise to fame since winning last year's competition. Not sure if you saw it, but Nina Nannar did a really interesting piece on News at Ten last night about how Simon Cowell has effectively formed his own breakaway wing of the music industry and how a lot of chart success now depends on either doing well on one of his shows as a contestant or, if you're an established artist, showcasing your new material in front of the waistbanded wonder live on the programme. We might touch on that with Alexandra later, but to be honest, she's got an amazing voice, gave a great performance on the programme last week and there seems to be very little that's 'manufactured' about her. I do think, however, that she owes me a favour. Considering my daughter spent all her pocket-money (and most of mine) voting for her last year, do you think it would be rude to ask if she could squeeze in a children's birthday party in December? I feel I've already paid for it!

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Matt and Katie