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Good afternoon all...

Another busy programme for you tonight including a real acting legend in the studio.
News-wise, we report on the disturbing story of the teenage daughter of a London vicar who, a court has been told, plunged to her death while trying to escape two bullies. Part of the incident which resulted in the death of Rosimeiri Boxall, known as 'Rosie', was filmed on a mobile phone. The jury also heard that as Rosie lay dying on the ground, one of her attackers, a 13-year-old girl, shouted "serves you right". The girls involved deny manslaughter. Ronke Phillips reports from the Old Baily.

Now, love it or loathe it you can't really escape 'The X-Factor' at the moment. It's everywhere: Saturday night tv, Sunday night tv, all over the papers, all over the charts. And for residents of Golders Green in North London, all over the street and all over the walls as well! The acts are holed up in a multi-million pound pad to which hordes of mostly teenage fans gather day after day. But there is collateral damage with those living nearby complaining of lewd behaviour, rubbish and graffiti. We sent Ben Scotchbrook along to report, so now residents will have a camera crew, lights and a satellite truck to complain about as well. Let's just hope the crew don't contribute to the graffiti or lewd behaviour!

There's a bit of a sporting theme to the programme tonight too as Murray Dron reports on what is vastly becomming the curse of modern football. I suppose you could see it as the sporting equivalent of natural selection with the rich clubs becoming richer while the poor clubs become, well...obsolete, if they're not careful. Southend United are the latest to be dragged into the financial mire with the threat of administration looming large. Manager Steve Tilson has been banned from buying new players by the Football League and a court hearing relating to an unpaid tax bill totaling nearly £700,000 is due to be heard next week. But who's fault is it? The clubs? The authorities? The bankers? (we might as well try and blame them) And what impact will it have on the community? Murray will have all the details.

Also tonight, a former world heavyweight boxing champion on the show. Lennox Lewis has spent the day training youngsters at a gym in Central London with the West Ham born boxer giving masterclasses to children who are supported by the charity 'Kids Company'. We sent our very own journalistic heavyweight, Piers Hopkirk to shadow the man widely known as one of the nicest blokes in sport (well, you wouldn't say otherwise, would you - he's huge!)

Talking of heavyweights, in the acting world, they don't come much bigger than our studio guest tonight. He's an Oscar-nominated BAFTA winner who's made over a hundred films. John Hurt is quite simply an acting legend and he's recently been named a Fellow of the Britsih Film Institute. He's starred in some absolute classics including 'The Elephant Man', 'Midnight Express' and 'Alien', of course, but has also graced our screens in some of the biggest blockbusters of recent years too including the most recent Indiana Jones movie. He also played the wand selling Mr. Ollivander in 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'. We'll be chatting to him about his career, which has spanned over half a century and we'll try and get some goss on a couple of his upcoming projects including, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' parts one and two!!

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Matt and Katie.