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Another packed programme in the offing tonight. Here's a brief synopsis of what's to come:

Ronke Phillips has our top story - that of a London woman jailed for six years for drugging her toddler son to death. 20 month old Renzo was fed crushed anti-depressant pills by his mother Laura-Jane Vestuto for weeks before he developed breathing problems and died. The judge at the Old Bailey said that Vestuto had shown little emotion when Renzo died. Ronke speaks to Renzo's father who says the sentence is far too lenient.

Elsewhere, police have named a man from London as the killer of a nine-year-old boy who was raped and strangled 24 years ago. The murder of Imraan Vohra in Preston in 1985 sent shockwaves through the Lancashire town and now, nearly a quarter of a century later, Robert Morley (who died twelve years ago) has been identified through DNA as the murderer. The push to find Imraan's killer was funded by Operation Stealth - a national operation that gives funding to police forces with unsolved homicides. Liz Wickham explains all.

Now if, like me, you open your monthly credit card bill with a sense of impending doom, imagine if you were to see the figure of £1b in the debit column. Well that's the amount Bozza and Tfl have secured in a loan from the European Investment Bank to help fund the Crossrail project. The scheme that will span from Berkshire to Essex has a date set of 2017 for completion. We'll tell you what today's news means for the project that is expected to cost a massive £16b in total. They still need to find over a billion pounds. I wonder if they've tried looking down the back of the sofa?

From the evolution of our transport network to, well...evolution. The Natural History Museum has been celebrating the work of Charles Darwin for more than a century but now the museum's been through a bit of a transformation of its own. Next week, the revamped Darwin Centre will open to scientists and the public alike -- an 8-storey cocoon safeguarding 20 million specimens of insects and plants. Damien Steward has had a sneak preview.

We end the show with a celebration of London's music scene. The capital plays host to the coveted Mercury Prize ceremony tonight with nine of the hopefuls coming from our patch. But the prize for the best job of the day has to go to Glen Goodman who spent the morning on board pop starlet Pixie Lott's private jet ahead of her new album launch in Berlin. Glen catches up with the gorgeous Ms Lott whose career has really taken off over the past 12 months.

Enjoy. Matt and Katie.