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FW: weather blog

Good evening,
After a period of coat & hat weather recently, now it's a case of shorts & flip flops.
Being the southeasterly outpost of the British Isles we occasionally get a sample of weather conditions from near Europe & that's precisely what's happened today. A brief dose of French weather - fortunately warm - has been today's offering for which we should say a loud "Merci beaucoup". From tomorrow onwards we'll have high pressure in charge, meaning that once any early spots of rain have cleared it'll be settled, dry & reasonably bright. A Scandinavian breeze (for which "Tack" would be appropriate if I've correctly remembered 'Thank you for the Music' sung in the original at a talent evening in Zagreb; don't ask....) will make things feel a little fresher, but otherwise we'll have little to complain about.
All in all perfect weather for picking blackberries & scrumping apples. Time for crumble, I think.
Hope to see you later,