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Good evening,
They divide people in a Marmite kind of way.
For me they are serious Room 101 material. Although I'm half Scottish they strike a chill into my heart which prevents me from seeing anything positive in them. I can be in a sublimely good mood but one note from that heinous wind instrument can send my spirits plunging into the abyss. I don't hear music I hear noise & it's a noise I want to stop. Obviously this is a deeply personal view with which many will disagree & it has little to do with the weather. It is, in fact, a totally irrelevant topic except that as I walked to work through Westminster this morning observing the weather & assessing the accuracy of yesterday's forecasts I was distracted by a bagpipe player.The same thing happened a matter of hours later when I emerged from the tube in Holborn on my way to the newsroom with the net result that I now think of today's weather in exclusively negative terms, owing to its hateful & seemingly inescapable soundtrack.
This isn't fair, of course. The weather's really not too bad. Settled, largely dry, not too cold & sometimes quite bright. I just need to get a grip, find some other music as an antidote & all will be well.
Hope to see you later,