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Afternoon all. Loads to pack in to tonight's programme. Here's a quick overview:

If, like me, you were once again left frustrated at a UK airport this summer as you tried to get to grips with how much 2-in-1 shampoo you can legally get past security these days, our top story offers a chilling reminder of why the rules remain so tightly in place:

Three men have been found guilty of plotting to kill thousands by blowing up planes with home-made liquid bombs disguised as drinks. It was the arrest of the men in 2006 that led to new airport restrictions and it's estimated that, had their plot been successful, they would have caused more devastation that the 9/11 attacks. We have the full story of their east London bomb factory and ask, how safe are we now?

Next, an exciting and no doubt nervous morning for thousands of children across the capital today as they return to school. But why do so many London schools have more pupils than places and why are so many having to use temporary classrooms to fill the void? We investigate.

Also on the programme, how would you like to be paid for your rubbish?
Sounds too good to be true? Well, not if you live in one Berkshire borough which is doing just that. The council's carrot-rather-than-stick approach to recycling sounds sensible enough, but is it that simple? Ronke Phillips has the details.

Now, I seem to spend half my life on trains, but never have I encountered what some lucky commuters have come face to face with unfortunately. Busking is one thing, but it's an impromptu fashion show that's been delighting (and somewhat baffling) tube-users on their way to work. Sangeeta Kandola hopped off the platform and onto the catwalk.

Finally, singer songwriter David Gray's on the show (he of the annoyingly catchy 'Babylon'). He's back with a new album as is Alex Hyndman...not with a new album I don't think (although she is very talented) but she is back. She went to meet him and ended up swapping jam recipes? Rock n' Roll!

Matt and Katie
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