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Good afternoon,
It's been a busy day all round - but I've just been handed a lovely cup of tea and earlier I was very naughty and brought little cakes in to ease the pain of Thursday. Gym for me tomorrow!

So first up Marcus is looking at a story which will definitely affect my journey home. En route to Waterloo I always pick up copies of the free papers to read on the train. After months of speculation, one of those - The London paper - is set to close with the loss of around 60 jobs.

Next we remember those people who died 20 years ago in the Marchioness disaster. 51 men and women lost their lives when the boat they were partying on sank.
Ben has been speaking to a lady who lost her son and Simon is reporting on the tragedy itself and looking at what if anything has changed to improve safety over the years.

Now many teenagers across London woke up this morning feeling seriously stressed and most of us can remember that feeling.
It's A level results day and thousands of students will have opened their envelope with trepidation revealing grades which will affect their futures.
However it's not a great time to be coming to the end of your education. As we all know the economy is pretty grim with few jobs around and there is also more pressure on university places.
So we want to hear from you if you've just got your results or if you've got children or grandchildren who have. How are they feeling? What are they doing?

In our second half we have a look at ticket touts at the Ashes, competitors for the ugliest building in the capital and ending on the gorgeous Mica Paris - the Lewisham-born soul singer who's back after 10 years with a new studio album.

Lots to look forward to
Lucy and Alastair