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Good afternoon to you - and welcome to the weekend.

Yes, I appreciate lots of people will have to work tomorrow and Sunday, so they may not be enjoying that Friday feeling. I get that, I really do. Your turn to feel smug next week some time. Now though, it's our turn. Saturday? Bring it on. Sunday? Yes, please.

First though, let's see off Friday. And I hope you'll spend 30 minutes of it in the company of the London Tonight team. Lucy and I on the sofa this evening. Busy girl - she's beavering away on a showbiz story as I type.

Okay, a rattle through tonight's running order.

1. Three men have now been charged in connection with the biggest jewellery heist Britain has ever seen.
2. The AA says private clamping firms are "out of control". Evidence? One woman from Enfield having to cough up £527 to get her car back when she unwittingly parked on private land.
3. A man who was shot dead by police on the steps of Guildford Cathedral was 'lawfully killed', an inquest has found.
4. People living next to Walthamstow Stadium want the dogs to go racing again. One year after it closed, the developers have been told to put their housing plans on hold and try again. But they ain't throwing a bone to the dog-lovers.
5. Two London derbies in the Premier League this weekend. Who's going to drop some points?
6. Some very brave (for brave, read 'barmy') men have been pulling off some amazing stunts on motorbikes at Battersea

That's the news. But that's not all.

James King will give us his lowdown on "Inglorious B******s" (Well, my Mum wouldn't say it out loud) and "Shorts" (she'd be okay with that). And then Miss Cotter will round up what else you might want to get up to this weekend. Unless you're working. Or perhaps, even if you are.

See you at six,

Ben & Lucy

PS Australia have just lost another wicket.
PPS As I was typing that, they lost another one. The weekend starts here, my friends. Whether you're working or not.