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Good afternoon,
And what a glorious afternoon it is! I know I should be eternally grateful that I was able to eat my sandwich in the park today but all I can think about is the fact this weather probably won't last much longer.
We're all praying it will hold out til next weekend when the lovely Alastair Stewart has very kindly invited the whole team to his house in the country. We're all off for lunch and it would be amazing if the sun is shining!! More on that later from Manali.
First up today we have 2 really shocking incidents of crime involving young people.
A man in Surrey was attacked by four youths while he was cycling on a quiet street near his home - he's now fighting for his life.
The second story involves a teacher who had her hair set alight by kids on a train travelling into Kings Cross. This woman was a tourist going about her business and was cruelly attacked in an incident which could have been an awful lot worse.
They're unrelated shocking examples of crime in the capital but it's a good opportunity for us to get your views on the subject.
Are you worried by youth violence? Or do you think our young people get a bad reputation when stories like this come out.
Only last night we featured a fantastic group of lads who are spending their holidays playing cricket and there are many more examples of kids who stay out of trouble and contribute we could all cite. We'd like your thoughts.
Next Simon has been talking to the family of a man who died while in police custody. They believe there was a cover up and his death needs to be properly investigated.
Then we meet the man who discovered the Hackney triple jumper Phillips Idowu and the plumber who had a kidney transplant only to discover he had a new talent.......
All that and the all-important weather news....will it be good for the rest of the summer, or at least the rest of the week...Manali will reveal all.
Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts .
Lucy and Alastair