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We've just had a very energetic meeting - where every story on tonight's show has been shuffled around the running order. Robin's just asked if it was like that yesterday! We have a new boss in the big boss chair - Paul is keeping Faye's seat warm while she concentrates on the tiny (probably a bit poopy) seat end of the gorgeous new addition to her family.

Basically - there's a lot to tell you tonight and we're trying to work out how best to deliver it. Robin we think will be delivering his weather from a garden in Wandsworth - we're not sure if this garden is worthy of Robin's presence yet so hold onto your hats for decisions on that. Ben's being sent there whether the garden is splendid or otherwise. It's because there's a scheme in Wandsworth where you can go and garden in an older person's garden if you don't have a garden. You see. Ben will explain later if not.

From pride in the gardens to pride in our young heroes. Young being the sad but operative word here. Eight soldiers are being returned to us today after making the ultimate sacrifice - 3 of them from our region. As we pause to think about their families we'll also be meeting a living hero. He's 101 - and still has a season ticket at Millwall - my limited knowledge of football fans means I think he's probably made of pretty hard stuff to support Millwall!

LVJ's the lucky one meeting him - then Glen's meeting a very, very lucky family. They've only gone and bagged themselves squillions and billions on the lottery. Ok, they won 8 million - but surely anything over a million must feel like billions - I can but dream !!

Lucy's got a dream of a job today - the nicest, smiliest men in pop - not Take That again - we're going back a generation to visit the Bee Gees. She's out now and even though I'm not expecting to hear her come back screaming about tickets to a gig like she did with the ever so lovely Take That - I think she will love them. We'll find out later.

We'll also have all the latest info for you on swine flu - after that little girl Chloe died we've all got a lot of questions - like is it a good thing schools break up next week - or is it just going to make things more complicated? Should we all be vaccinated? Are we being told the whole truth? Well, we shall endeavour to answer with the help of Simon Harris.

Before all that Liz Wickham starts our programme on another sad and tragic note. She's been to meet the family of a little girl who died after a monitor alarm next to her hospital bed went off - her mum says the nurse ignored it and left her baby girl to die. The hospital has questions to answer and the police may even become involved.

Sorry to end on such a sad note - but that's how we start tonight - unless things all get changed round.

For now - I'm off to get my face on.

See you at 6,

Alex & Alastair.