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Weather blog

Good evening,
Still smarting from the noisy waterpump a couple of weekends ago, we had another neighbour incident yesterday.
The same gentleman, whose garden is obviously his pride & joy, chose to have a bonfire in the afternoon. I'm unclear as to the intricacies of bonfire etiquette, but at around 3 o'clock our house & garden disappeared in a pall of thick smoke leaving us a little tight lipped.
I realise that by mentioning this I am fast-tracking my admission to the Club fo the Terminally Smallminded, but we'd spent the entire morning blitzing the house. By lunchtime it was as clean as a new pin with all the windows open to the gentle breeze & the washing line groaning with several loads of fragrant laundry, all of which had escaped the showers & were drying perfectly in the sun.
Then came the smoke.
Inside it was a grey haze within moments with dust mites everywhere & outside the sun disappeared & the laundry was efficiently kippered. I won't pretend we didn't communicate our dismay.
For the foreseeable future it's staying unsettled. You might be able to get your washing dry & you might be able to have a bonfire; it's a game of chance. It's reasonably warm though, in direct contrast to neighbourly relations in my neck of the woods....
See you later,