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FW: weather blog

Good evening,
Last night there was a perfect example of a shower, live on TV during the weather bulletin.
I was standing in a recently revamped garden in Wandsworth, instructions from the studio being beamed via the magic of a satellite truck through my earpiece, & no sooner had I received my cue to talk than a shower started.
The fact that it was a light one was both lucky & unlucky. Lucky because I didn't get drenched but unlucky because it wasn't visible on screen & I was therefore able to make no more than a passing reference to it. My walk to the station moments later (I'd declined the obligatory ITN limousine ride back from work to my front door in the interests of fitness) was not only dry but also pleasantly sunny with the net result that it felt like a completely different day. Perhaps 'unsettled' -which is what's currently on offer- is the meteorological equivalent of schizophrenic, leaving us dodging sunburn & soakings in equal measure & never feeling totally relaxed.
My challenge, on a professional level, is to find fresh ways of saying "sunshine & showers" in a bid to keep interest levels up & viewers tuned in even if the news on the weather front isn't particularly good.
See you later,