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I've just had a brownie and a muffin - very naughty - but I had to do it. Faye said she'd be forced to eat them all if we didn't help. Yum - happy to be of service. Especially as she's had a bit of a stressful day - I just heard the phrase "I can't pull the news out of my a**e". I laughed but I don't think it's a laughing matter. Al's stepped in to sort it out and everyone seems happier now.

I think it all had something to do with Jade. Turns out the estate in Bermondsey where her Mum lives (Jade's not Faye's) could be renamed in honour of the late Mrs Tweed. It's currently named after a rather famous writer - one Charles Dickens. Glen's been to Bermondsey to see what the current residents think - and some of them really like the idea apparently! He's also going to be chatting to veteran commentator Rod Liddle who I'm told may well have a view which could be described as polar opposite. We'll be asking for your opinions of the whole thing.

Now, we were telling you last night about the G20 summit protests which are planned for next week - well, it turns out the businesses based at Excel (where the summit's a happenin') think they're being kept in the dark. Whilst the anti-capitalists warn they're going to bring London to a standstill and aren't against a bit of property damage - the business owners haven't been told anything more than the suggestion they shut up shop for a few days. They've been talking to Simon Harris about why they're not best pleased.

Then the Queen's out and about - Ben's there to track Her Maj as she heads down East End way just like her Mummy did before her.

I'm sounding a little cockney in my head - I think it might be because we were all transfixed by the reformed collection of the Spandau Ballet boys. They're all Londoners and all a bit geezer. Well, they've done what they said they'd never - and gone and got back together. Al reckons they must have got a tax bill. I remember the songs, but don't really remember all the court battles that ensued after they went their separate ways. Seems all hunky-dory now that they're jumping on the Take That bandwagon. Lucy's bagged us the first interview with them about their comeback tour.

I told you yesterday I went to see Nic Cage's new movie Knowing - bloomin' scary. Just watched a couple of clips back and I'm certain I'm not being a wimp. Check it out for yourself - oh, and hear from the lovely Nic himself too.

That's all at 6, of course.

See you then,

Alex & Alastair.