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I've just been to see Knowing - the new Nicholas Cage movie - and I was soooooo scared!! Sat all alone in a dark corner of the Empire in Leicester Square - I do not recommend. I do recommend the movie - just not viewing it on your own. I went to meet Nic (that's what I can call him now obviously) and you'll be able to hear from him tomorrow.

Today we've got Michael Sheen back in. He was here a couple of months ago talking about Frost/Nixon - which was bloomin' brilliant. Now he's going to tell us all about his new movie The Damned United. After Tony Blair and David Frost, he's now channelling Brian Clough. Apparently his family (Brian's not Michael's) aren't too happy with the movie. We'll have to ask Mr Sheen all about that later on.

Sticking with the showbiz theme Lucy's been to see Priscilla. Queen of the Desert opens tonight - starring none other than everyone's favourite neighbour (after Kylie!) Jason Donovan. He came in a little while back - and made me all giggly - I did have a poster of him on my wall after all. I'm sure the stage show won't disappoint - well I'm hoping it won't as I've already booked tickets for my sister's birthday next month!! Lucy will tell me if that's money well spent later. Fingers crossed.

Scooting back to the start of the show tonight - we're kicking off with some protesters who are prepared to do more than just kick off. Anarchists want to bring London to a standstill with massive protests against the start of the G20 summit. Some of them want to "Burn the Bankers". Sounds nasty - Simon is going to fill us in on what we can all expect.

After that we've the tale of a security guard who was working on one of those cash vans when robbers decided to try and nick said cash. He stood up to them and got showered with bullets for his troubles! Ronke's been to speak to him all about it.

Then we've got Bozza's plans to shed jobs and save cash in his London offices, the council's plans to stop hereditary stall holders on Oxford Street - and some breaking news from the British Museum (well, kind of).

All that (and more I'm sure) at 6.

See you then.

Alex & Ben.