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Weather Blog

Good evening.

I feel vindicated (borderline smug) at having sounded a note of caution in the middle of last week's warm, sunny & settled weather because things have now gone downhill. It's fairly typical of the weather at this time of year as we make the transition from Winter to Spring & it can, at times, feel like a joke that's not really working. It would be comforting to think that a spell of mild weather would be followed by more of the same, getting ever milder with each passing week but the current situation proves that this is too much to ask. Our location on the planet & the fact that we're surrounded by water mean that we get it in the neck & high pressure can be replaced by low in a matter of hours.

Despite a shabby contribution to the day from the weather department, things here are looking good. The programme is in excellent shape & the only rumblings of discontent I've heard concern the number of meetings various people are required to attend. In fact Alastair disappeared almost as soon as I arrived & missed the daily programme meeting because he was needed at another meeting elsewhere in the building.
Talking of which I've got a meeting now so will have to leave you but hope to see you later.

All the best 'til then,