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London Tonight Tonight Monday 3rd November 2008

London Tonight Tonight Monday 3rd November 2008
Hi everyone,
Wow, what an end to the Formula 1 season! We'll be taking another look at Lewis Hamilton's stunning and historic achievement after he was crowned the youngest ever F1 world champion following that nail-biting race in Brazil yesterday.  Hasn't the 23 year old from Stevenage done amazingly well? Makes you feel quite inadequate really!
Plenty more for you on a packed London Tonight programme this evening, including details of the Mayor's latest plans to tackle crime in the capital. It's called "Time for Action" and, with 27 teenagers dying violently so far this year, something certainly needs to be done, and fast. We'll be speaking to Boris Johnson live to find out all about it and, more importantly, how he's going to make it work.
If you were a homeowner in the Nineties and ended up in negative equity, you won't welcome the news that more people could be affected by the same drama in the coming months than 15 years ago.  Property expert Louisa Fletcher will be joining us to give us the real picture of what we can expect in the London housing market.
You are no doubt aware of that big old Election across the pond, with Americans voting for their next president tomorrow. Barack Obama is on the brink of winning and one person who could be on her way to the White House to visit him, is his Step-Mum. She lives in Berkshire and has been speaking to us about the part she's played in his life so far.
If that weren't enough to wet your appetite, Lemar is in the studio talking about his new single and album. You may remember he came third in the TV show "Fame Academy" in 2002 but that never stopped the Tottenham lad going on to win a Brit Award and enjoying chart success.
Looking forward to seeing you at 6!
Faye and Ben