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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 5th November 2008

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 5th November 2008
Hi there,
You would have had to have been in your own private cocoon not to have heard the historic news from America today, but JUST incase you have been cocooned, America has elected for change and that change comes in the form of President-elect Barack Obama.
I have to say our favourite news man Alastair Stewart led great coverage of the US election on ITV overnight - that man works so hard. He's still here now as I write this, but by 6 this evening he won't be on the London Tonight sofa... I'm hoping he'll be having a well-deserved nap! A job very well done.
So everyone's talking about the American election and it's relevance can be felt thousands of miles away here in the capital.  There have been parties and celebrations and our cameras have caught some great reactions from Londoners. But, aside from that, we're also looking at the wider issues - can Obama's ability to inspire effect change right here? What do London's young black people think of the man who is making such an enormous impact across the world? As always, we'd like to hear what you think on this one.
Plenty of other stories in the programme tonight, including worrying news about the new state-of-the-art birth unit at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington. An investigation has been launched after two babies have died there in three months. The £1.4 million centre is aimed at providing a "home from home" experience for expectant mothers, but the NHS Trust which runs St Mary's is now rigorously investigating what went wrong.
If you're a smoker, more and more things are going against you, and it's going way beyond having to stand outside in the cold when you want a ciggie. Redbridge Council in East London has announced it is banning smokers from fostering children from January 2010. The ban was passed unanimously last night by the council, but there is a worry that good foster carers could be lost.
There'll be plenty of smoke around the capital tonight though to Remember, Remember, the 5th of November. Chrissie is heading for a fireworks display in Camberley, Surrey and will be letting us know how many damp squibs we can expect this evening - fingers crossed for a dry, crisp evening! 
If you like to rock to your fireworks then you will love what Lucy's been up to. She's been hanging out at a north London studio where ordinary people - well, those with money in the bank - have been gathering to jam with legendary rock stars from Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and The Who. Rock on!
Hopefully there won't be too much mess to clear up, but if there is, we have the perfect man for the job. Liz has been to meet the Italian street sweeper who loves his job so much he's on a mission to visit (and clean) his favourite tourist locations around the world. Today he's been to Trafalgar Square, making it spick and span.
By the way, for any of you who heard my comment yesterday when Ben asked me what I thought of Colin Firth (my classy "wouldn't say no!"), you'll be amused to hear my husband pulled me up on it as soon as I got home. Yikes! Note to self: be careful what you say on TV. (He's forgiven me.)
Do join Ben and I at 6!
Faye B