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Ken the producer standing in today - so bear with me...

Do you like shopping? Then you'll love Westfield. "Big" is hardly a big enough word to describe it.

It covers an area the size of 30 football pitches and it's expected to take care on more than 20 million customers a year. It's Europe's biggest inner-city shopping complex - and it opened today, complete with showbiz fanfare - Leona Lewis helping to do the honours.

But maybe the only figures that matter are those rung up at the tills.

We're live as the first day's trading heads to a close.

You definitely won't want to miss tonight's installment of "Lessons from America", our special series looking at how the USA tackle crime and criminals - and what we might learn from them.

Joe Arpaio from Arizona reckons he's the toughest sheriff in America.

His prisoners wear pink underwear and live in tents, surrounded by barbed-wire, with temperatures making it like feel a furnace.

And Sheriff Joe has a message for London.

Quick - who's your favourite James Bond?

Daniel Craig's latest outing has re-opened the debate of Sean v George v Roger v Timothy v Pierce v Daniel.

Lucy on a match-up mission - and she's also been out with a former MI6 agent, to see just how 007 would cope in the real world.

News too for Spurs' fans - and not just more bragging rights after last night's thriller at the Emirates.

Alastair and Romilly will bring you all the day's best and latest at 6.

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