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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 19th August

London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 19th August

Good afternoon.

I am not alone in not being sure where I am.

I got back from Beijing on Saturday so, to a degree, it is still just coming up to 11 PM on my body-clock but I will survive. Christine Ohuruogu, on the other hand, has no excuse: having stormed to Golden victory in the women's 400 meters she told the interviewer "I don't know where I am. I don't know!" Well, Christine: it is the capital of China and you are about to find your way to the Gold medal podium - turn right at the starting blocks and it is the highest box, the one in the middle. Well done you darling! We were there and Harris will wipe a tear to share the whole emotional experience. PS watch out for the superstar who gives Christine her flowers.....


And the gorgeous Russian girl who didn't win but was an agreeable distraction.

Also watch out for Germaine Mason who looks tall enough to step over the high-jump pole let alone Fosbury Flop over it. He has glittering prizes too.

Faye rather liked him, as well as our lovely rowers. She is wearing an external corset today, in striking black, so the athletes may reciprocate her interest, for all I know. There again, the jeans may put them off: who knows?

Away from Beijing, Tim "the hair" Parker is no longer Deputy Mayor and no longer in charge of TfL. Was he pushed or did he jump on the Circle Line and miss a few important meetings? Does Boris believe the entire world is his Oyster? We've been trying to find out and will share our findings.

That is legal, indeed it is our duty.

Sharing computer files, if they contain lots of 0's and 1's that, in a binary sort of way, gel together to make a clever game, isn't. A woman discovered that to her cost - a cool £16k in fact. Log on at 6 for the cautionary tale, as Hilaire Beloc might have said.

You weren't able to buy Beloc books in Hugh Grant's famous Notting Hill bookshop because, as you may recall, it only sold travel books. (Perhaps Christine Ohuruogu should go and get a guide To Where You Are...?). What you can buy, however, is the flat upstairs. Proximity to history and to where Julia Roberts wept, must be worth a bit in a declining property market.

Robin finds art in a boulder if not under one. Yes, I am confused too but, in his hands, one just knows it will be magic. He'll have a weather forecast, too.

London's papers, which should show you where Christine is even if she is still disorientated, will close our programme. You can certainly find us where we always are, at 6. Hope you look us up.

Alastair and Romilly.