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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 20th August

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 20th August
And a Good Afternoon to you...
Quick one this afternoon as, well, the programme has proved to be a bit of a struggle today. Don't get me wrong - what we've ended up with is a cracker, but it's just been rather hard work getting there.
So - first up - did you know that a Spanish company owns Heathrow airport? And Gatwick Airport. And Stansted, come to that. Well, the Competition Commission clearly has no problem with the Spanish bit, but it's not happy with the same company owning all three. So BAA have been told they've got to sell two of the three. Which ones do you think will soon have a 'For Sale' sign on the departure board? Unlikely to be Heathrow really, isn't it? Anyway, we'll look at what different owners at Gatwick and Heathrow might mean for passengers. Cheaper flights? A more enjoyable airport experience?
One of the knock-on effects of the Great Airport Sale may be the expansion of Heathrow. And that hasn't made Alfred Thurling happy. It could break his heart, actually. Hillingdon Council is fighting government plans for a dual carriageway to be built through the cemetery where Alfred's dad is buried. And his Mum. And his wife. And where he has reserved a plot to join them when the fateful day comes. We'll ask for your views on that story later.
I've just been distracted by the 200m Final in Beijing - Usain Bolt (the Jamaican guy who sauntered to a world record in the 100m Final) has just chalked up another fastest-ever time. Two gold medals. Not bad, is it? Not quite Chris Hoy, obviously. But, pretty good, to be fair. Anyway, we'll be talking to a Londoner who picked up her gold medal in the 400m yesterday. And then we'll hear from another Brit who won a couple of medals some time back. Ladies and Gentleman, we give you Christine and Coe.
Oh, and we'll also take a look at Visit London's first salvo in their campaign to promote 'London - the Olympic City' that will be launched this weekend.
See you at SIX -
Ben & Katie