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London Tonight Tonight Monday 18th August

London Tonight Tonight Monday 18th August

Good Afternoon....

So, who's still got their voice then? Who hasn't shouted themselves hoarse with hearty renditions of 'Rule Britannica'... dare I say 'Pool Britannica'...

Fabulous, wasn't it? Isn't it? A whole new crowd of sporting heroes for us - and future generations - to celebrate and look up to.

I feel this would be a good time to share my new incentive scheme I think might spur athletes on to even greater success. Competitors who win a gold medal should be flown home in luxurious, 'nothing's too much trouble', first class. Silver medallists can enjoy the not inconsiderable delights of travelling in business. Anyone who wins bronze gets to travel home in economy - they can fight it out for the exit row. But, a competitor who doesn't have a medal in their hand luggage when they arrive at Beijing Airport, should be told: "On yer bike - London's that way".


Obviously, this may not be much of an incentive in 20-12.

The question though - will this year's success inspire even greater achievements? Is that warm feeling of pride lots of that winning athletes (and the home crowds) are feeling - really worth all the extra money that's being ploughed into these sports? That's where we start tonight's programme.

We've got more sporting heroes in the shape of David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand who've been speaking out about the horror of knife crime.

Then we'll have the story of a woman whose house has been blighted by plans to make the M25 bigger.

And we'll be taking a sneaky peak around the new Trocadero. It's open to the public later this week. And then anyone can go to the 'Ripley's Believe it or Not' exhibition - as long as they're prepared to pay £18 for an adult and £14 for a child.... Pause... Intake of breath.. Calmly now... THAT sounds rather expensive, doesn't it? You're not the only one to think so - and we'll be talking about it with someone who's been comparing London with other leading 'international cities' in the programme.

Sorry to say that Robin hasn't been judging any pigs tonight. But we will be slapping him across the face with a big wet fish in light of a truly miserable August. Summer? What summer?

See you at SIX,

Ben & Romilly