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Friday 15th August

Friday 15th August

Hello You.

So - I don't know if you've heard but Team GB has notched up another GOLD medal today - thanks to Jamie Staff, Chris Hoy, and Jason Kenny cycling very, VERY fast round a track in Beijing.

Yay. Double yay. And hats off to them.

Don't know about you but - at any time other than the Olympic fortnight I find a lot of the sports about as exciting as a dead mouse. But - when 'the Games' are on - once the words 'Great' and 'Britain' come up on the scream, I'm there - shouting at the screen like a lunatic. I'm hoping not to lose my voice over the weekend.

Now, matters closer to home, and we start the programme with a story that may well get one or two people shouting at the screen... in disbelief. And then when those people finish shouting, others may well start shouting in opposition. So, here's the thing - was it a good idea for armed police to pop along to a fair in Limehouse... with their guns (we're not talking pea-shooters)... and then let children handle them, you know, really get to grips with them. The Met would argue - it's to take glamour and mystique out of the weapons. It has to be said that in the pictures we'll show you tonight some of the kids look like they're having a blast...

Onto some people who won't be having a blast this afternoon - stuck in a traffic jam on the M25. Imagine if they're desperately trying to catch a plane to jet off for their holidays. They could play, 'I-Spy' I suppose - you know, to pass the time.

"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with... 'FFJC"

"What's that Mummy?"

"It's the 'Father for Justice Campaigner' who's climbed up on to gantry over the motorway... causing the traffic jam we're sitting in."

Actually, we've two protest stories for you tonight. One from Heathrow. The other from Beijing.... a chap from St Albans managed to climb onto the new HQ of the Chinese state broadcaster to hang his 'Free Tibet' banner. He won't be seeing any more of the sports up close and personal. He's been deported.

What else? What else? Ah yes, the story - the truly extraordinary story actually - of Gill Hicks. She nearly died on the 7th of July 2005 - caught up in the explosion on the tube train between Kings Cross and Russell Square. I say she nearly died - in fact, her heart stopped beating twice... and she had to have both of her legs amputated. Well, Gill is a determined lady and she walked into London today - having started in Leeds - on her new legs. Her aim is to raise awareness of what could and should unite communities. She is also an inspiring lady.

On top of all that, we'll take a look at the big names to look out for in the Premier League (which, can you believe, kicks off tomorrow)... and there are a couple of movies that'll be hitting a big screen near you this weekend.

Seriously, why would you miss it?

Ben & Salma