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Wednesday 13th October 2010

Good Afternoon to you... It's been a while!

Isn't it dreadfully sad about Claire Rayner? She's been a feature of British life in one way or another for decades. I can remember watching her on the TV when I was but a boy and as I've got older seen her name connected with many a good cause. A Londoner born and bred, she was one who campaigned selflessly to make the work a better place - and she will be missed. We'll pay tribute to her tonight.

I'll run through the rest of our menu:

We'll report on Day Two of the 7/7 inquests. The families of those who died were at the Royal Courts of Justice to see and hear CC-TV footage of the immediate aftermath of the bombings. It must have been dreadful for them, truly dreadful.

You may remember how a young man was punched and kicked to death when he asked a passing group of thugs to return his girlfriend's hat after they took it. Well, three men have now been found guilty of murder and can look forward to a lengthy spell in prison. Over a hat.

There's also the skip that left a gaping great hole on a very upmarket road in Belgravia. What's the damage? What does it look like? Who's to blame?

We'll report on the England U21 star, Jack Wilshere, who's been hoiked out of the U21 game tonight to play for the big boys in the Euro qualifier against Montenegro. Will he swing it for us?

And then we have a the mouth-watering prospect of a report marking the 100th birthday of the London Palladium. You may know it for the international celebrities who've wowed the crowds there down the years - Dame Julie Andrews, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, etc. Or perhaps you remember Bruce Forsyth (should be Sir Bruce Forsyth) when he hosted 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium'. Or maybe you've been lucky enough to see one of the blockbuster musicals that's helped give the West End its world-wide reputation - 'Oliver'... 'The Sound of Music'... 'The King and I'. So - lots to look back on and it's Lucy Cotter's job to pick out the best bits.

Plenty to work on then - better get on.

See you at six,

Ben & Nina