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Good Afternoon to you -

So, as I sat down at the desk this afternoon, there's a bit of a buzz about the place and amidst the murmuring I can hear the same words being said over and again... "Lewis Hamilton", "Australia" and "doughnut". We'll come back to that.

You may have noticed it's Friday. Which, for the team on duty here, means chocolates. Nina's sitting to my left today. The box of chocs are over to my right. Now, I'm too much of a gentleman to say how many she's put away but let's just say she's getting plenty of exercise...

Let's take a look at the programme rundown, in no particular order for now.

I'm going to start with the only story they'll be talking about in the village of Sipson tonight. 'Victory' (their word, not mine) after the High Court ruled that the Government had been wrong to give the go-ahead to a third runway at Heathrow. The runway would have gone pretty much exactly where Sipson is now. Now, this doesn't mean it's all off altogether but if the Government want to go ahead with it (that's if they get back in after the Election) then they've got to start the consultation process all over again. Sipson-ites - and many others - say that's great news. Lots of business people are saying it's a disaster.

We're also reporting on progress at the main Olympic stadium. Our man Mr Harris said that when you walk in to it now it feels like an Olympic venue. We'll show you the pictures - and the exclusive interview with one of West Ham's owners, David Gold. He appears to have changed his mind about whether there being a running-track at the stadium would count the Hammers out of buying the place after the Olympics are through.

That's not our only exclusive tonight actually. We've an interview with Sir Paul McCartney no less about his new 'Up & Coming Tour' which will end in Hyde Park this summer.

The most shocking of our stories tonight is the murder of a man in the midst of London's evening rush-hour. Police are questioning 20 people after a man was stabbed to death at Victoria tube station yesterday. There are reports that a gang of teenagers have been running riot there for weeks. Could this be the appalling culmination of the powers-that-be failing to act sooner? We'll hear from a man who was there at the time.

Okay - change gear - back to Lewis Hamilton. He says he's sorry. He had to, really. The police were involved, after all. I'm telling you this is the story they'll be talking about down the pub tonight.

See you at six and we'll tell you why.

Ben & Nina
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