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Hello to you -

One of those afternoons that seems to have slipped by all too fast today. We had a briefing at lunchtime on the do's and don'ts of election coverage at lunchtime. The mighty machine of a British General Election in the very near future and there are some pretty strict rules on what we can and can't do. Makes sense just to remind ourselves, don't you think?

So - a very quick run through of what we have for you in the more immediate future.

A company - British HQ in High Wycombe - has had to recall a make of baby sling here in Britain following the death of three babies over in the States.

We'll have the latest on a Croydon nursery nurse accused of most appalling abuse of young babies - accusations she denies.

Remember the Afghanistan policeman - who was being trained by British soldiers - who then turned on them with a gun, shooting five dead. For the first time tonight, we'll hear the reactions of their brothers in arms.

Changing gear completely, we'll take you inside London's very own rain forest. Really.

Oh. And Westlife will be in the studio.

It may be a quick run-through, but it's a packed one.

See you at six,

Ben & Nina
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