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Good Afternoon -

Do you ever feel like you didn't really have a weekend - that Saturday and Sunday flew passed so terribly quickly, packed with this and that which had to get done... So that's how I'm feeling today. That's not necessarily a bad thing, obviously, as it means we're back in the swing of things with lots of workdays straight ahead - he said quickly, in case anyone further up the pay-scale read the weekend comment in a negative light.

And to start the week: well, it's the sort of story that to those affected is hugely, hugely, important. Today is 'National Offers Day'. Blank looks from some of you... It's the day which sees thousands of parents sent news of which school their sons and daughters will be going to. Will it be there first choice? Will it be their second choice? Will they want to appeal? How do they appeal?

We'll be speaking to the Advisory Centre for Education for the latest on what parents should be doing.

We'll also be speaking to a couple from King's Cross whose house is falling down. They claim the chap next door was doing some building work which undermined their home, which is now splitting apart. He says it's nothing to do with him.

Problems with neighbours features in another of our stories - a chap whose front garden in a beautiful Surrey village is not so beautiful really as it's full of stuff that most of us would throw away. His neighbours aren't happy about it but the European Court of Human Rights is on his side.

There's also a doctor who used to work for BUPA who chucked in her presumably well-paid job to help a hospital at a women's prison Afghanistan where health insurance isn't really an issue.

We'll meet a teenager from Eltham who has just won the top Prince's Trust award. His life story will make you realise how very lucky most of us are.

And with all that, you'd forgive us all for going a bit Gaga - which is exactly what we'll do. The Lady herself is in town and she's been telling how happy she is to be here. Oh yes.

As are we, obviously.

See you at six -

Ben & Katie

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