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Hi there...another day, another blog...

First on the programme, exactly a decade on from her death, a memorial service has been held to remember Victoria Climbie. The eight year old died of malnutrition and hypothermia after sustained abuse at the hands of her aunt and her boyfriend. She'd been beaten with belts and sticks and doctors found 128 separate injuries on her body. At the time, the "blinding incompetence" of London's authorities in not spotting the abuse she was suffering was highlighted. Today, the foundation that bears Victoria's name and who organised the memorial, is still fighting to improve child protection services. So, in the decade that has passed, how far have we come? Katie has been speaking with Lord Laming, who chaired the inquiry into Victoria's death to find out. In a chilling irony, the full story has emerged today about the death of another child, Khyra Ishaq, in Birmingham. Khyra starved to death while in the 'care' of her mentally-ill mother and boyfriend in May 2008. Both admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and an inquiry is ongoing into whether more could be done to protect the seven year old.

Elsewhere, whatever your religious beliefs, or lack of them, one of those terribly sad stories that you just can't fathom a reason for: the one year old baby boy we told you about on Tuesday who was crushed by a falling lamppost in Chiswick has died in hospital. Emma Waldon reports for us on what is being decribed as a 'tragic accident'.

Also on the programme tonight, civil rights activist and minister, Jesse Jackson, talks to our political correspondent, Simon Harris, while Lucy Cotter has a date on the red carpet with Johnny Depp, no less.

Sports-wise, what a fantastic game of football last night! Chelsea have it all to do after coming home from the San Siro having lost 2-1, but with the all-important away goal against Inter Milan. Jose Mourinho was even cooler than usual, barely celebrating Inter's goals. Was it out of respect for his former club or a recognition that the job is only half done? A bit of both, I suspect. Great to get back to talking about football with regard to Chelsea, although having said that, their former defender, Wayne Bridge has announced he's unavailable to play for England because of the shenanigans surrounding his ex-girfriend's alleged affair with would-be international team mate, John Terry. Bridge has fallen on his sword describing his position in the side as 'untenable and potentially divisive'. It causes England boss Fabio Capello somewhat of a headache though, with first choice Chelsea left back, Ashley Cole, currently nursing a broken ankle as well as a broken marriage. The Chelsea soap opera continues...

...our daily soap opera continues with Katie and me at six. See you then.


Good evening,

Down at the Met Office today's buzzword when describing the weather is 'changeable'. True enough no two days are the same at present; sometimes it's a case of showers, sometimes relentless rain, sometimes it's dry but cloudy & sometimes it's dry & sunny.

If the weather was a human being it would be suffering from a multiple personality disorder which would make a fascinating case study. Back in the real world it means we have to live with the risk of constantly being caught out by the weather which is more than a little frustrating, but if we choose to we could view the situation more positively & recognise the current instability as a sign of the gradual transition from Winter to Spring. That's not to say the transition will be smooth (or even logical) over the next few weeks, but I'm happy to believe it's underway supported by lighter mornings & later sunsets.

Bring on the daffs & the crocuses, after the winter we've had they're the very least we deserve....

Hope to see you later,


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