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Weather blog

Good evening,
When it comes to the weather I think that for most people in the UK our instinct is to complain & we'll be given plenty of opportunity to do that over the next few days. Topics obviously change with the seasons (a sunless summer/autumn storms/the recent wet weather) & the main theme on the train in to London this morning was the ice in the roads in our neck of the woods.
Apparently the roads were pretty treacherous yesterday afternoon & near lethal this morning. I'm guessing that this applies to the more minor roads, because all the local councils have had ample warning of the current cold snap & the gritters should certainly have been out in force. They'll be out again now because the most significant snow of the winter so far will be hitting the south-east later tonight. It may well look like a winter wonderland when we all climb out of our beds tomorrow, but if we're not to have a collective sense of humour loss (something I'm never guilty of....) the roads will need to be passable.
Hope to see you later,