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We've dedicated a large chunk of tonight's programme to the resolution of the court case into the murder of Tulay Goren, the fifteen year old girl from east London who disappeared in 1999. It's a case we've been keeping a close eye on for some months and today her father, Mehmet Goren, was found guilty of her murder at the Old Bailey. His brothers, Cuma and Ali Goren - Tulay's uncles - were found not guilty of murdering her. Tulay was the victim of an 'honour killing' after she had a relationship with a man her father disapproved of. Tonight, as well as a report from Lewis Vaughan Jones who's been following the court case closely, Phil Bayles has an exclusive report from the remote area of Turkey from where the Goren family originally hail. He's been looking at the background of Mehmet Goren and speaking to his family about the traditions, culture and attitudes that may have influenced a father into murdering his teenage daughter in the name of so-called 'honour'. Tulay's body has never been found.

Our second special report comes from Ronke Philips who's been investigating a new unit at Scotland Yard, set up to look into the increasing number of 'honour killings' in the capital. It's already achieved successes, not least in challenging the attitudes of police officers.

Also tonight, the heartbreaking story of yet another family's loss as another soldier dies in Afghanistan. Rifleman James Brown, from Orpington in Kent, was just 18 when he and a comrade died trying to stop bombs going off in a packed marketplace. Rifleman Brown, who had only been in Afghanistan for a matter of days before he was killed, becomes the 30th serviceman from London and the south-east to die in the conflict.

Off the back of that story...will someone explain to me why a petition to give some of our soldiers the freedom of the borough of Epsom has been snubbed by the local council? More on that later.

Matt and Katie.