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Good evening,
I have a new 7 - day travel card (I've loaned the ITN limo that's usually assigned to me to Katie who says it's halved her journey time from the Pound Shop where she's sourcing all her Christmas gifts to the newsroom) but it doesn't work. Despite having a full 6 days still to run it won't open any automated barriers. As such I'm dependent on the kindness of strangers to operate the barriers manually. Some are delightful, some not. Some make me wait while they finish a conversation, some swing into action at once.
Inevitably it's all a test of my patience, not helped by the fact that I'm frequently made to feel as if I'm attempting to travel illegally, so I've decided to embrace the challenge. From now on I will approach my journeys as research into how helpful staff are at stations & once the results are analysed & collated I will pass on my findings to you. They'll probably bring you more joy than the weather, although having said that from Thursday onwards things are starting to settle down quite nicely. It'll be drier & brighter, but colder.
Hope to see you later,