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Good afternoon,

What do a cat, some squirrels and Elton John's trousers have in common? They all feature on tonight's programme, of course (I could feel the company lawyers hovering over the panic button as they read that sentence). Before all that though, on the show tonight: the debate over a third runway at Heathrow rumbles on with campaigners challenging a report by environmentalists that says it wouldn't necessarily compromise long term UK emissions targets. Also, a London woman convicted of drugs smuggling in Laos has begun her appeal. And the independent review into the death of Baby P has found that the clinic where he was seen just two days before he died was understaffed at the time.

Also...after the immortal phrase on last night's programme, 'Tests show the Mr. Squiggles Go-Go Hamster may have toxic fur.' Tonight we have a story about a woman whose house has been over-run by squirrels...real ones. Actually, it really isn't a laughing matter for Sandra Munoz from Clapham, who's had to redecorate from top to bottom.

We're heavy on the entertainment tonight too. First up, Yusuf Islam -- previously known as Cat Stevens -- is playing the Royal Albert Hall later as part of his first tour for over 30 years. In the early 70s, Cat Stevens was an international superstar following hits like 'Wild World', 'Moon Shadow' and 'Father and Son' (It wasn't a Boyzone original!). In 1977, at the height of his fame, he converted to Islam after nearly drowning and later auctioned off all his guitars for charity. Now, Yusuf Islam is back on stage here in his home town, performing new material as well as some old classics.

Pop Trivia fact number 1 for you: In 1965, Cat Stevens wrote, 'The First Cut is the Deepest', but sold it to P.P. Arnold for £30 who went on to have a massive hit with it in 1967. Since then it's been covered by everyone from Rod Stewart to Leona Lewis.

Pop Trivia fact number 2: Cat Stevens was due to make his stage re-appearance at Live Aid in 1985 but was bumped from the line-up at the last minute because the concert was over-running (Elton John's fault, apparently?)

Talking of Elton, he's on the show tonight too. Well some of his trousers are, a few shirts, no doubt, some platform shoes and the odd pair of huge specs. A load of classic clothes from the largest wardrobe in music goes under the hammer for charity in what's surely the most flamboyant jumble sale in pop history. We sent Glen down to have a good old rummage through. Well, he's roughly the right size and if the cap fits...!

See you at Six.

Matt and Katie