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Weather blog

Good evening,
Katie mentioned Gonks on last night's programme. She had them on her desk for luck when sitting exams.
Matt claimed not to have subscribed to such nonsense (I don't buy it & will conduct a search of his briefcase when his back is turned) but he did -reassuringly- share the same panicky reaction to Maths as the rest of us.
I have to confess to not just one but an entire family of Gonks when I was at school (I was young & far from home) & I am convinced that they were entirely responsible for any small exam success I may have had; especially in Maths & Sciences which have always defeated me.
In fact I'm feeling a little defeated by the weather at the moment. The South East of the country has just endured its wettest November since 1940 & after a brief but cold respite yesterday it's turning wet all over again. So insp i red by last night's chat I now plan to mount a search for lucky Gonks in the hope that they might improve my weather bulletins in the way they did my exam results.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
See you later,