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Hello all.

The Christmas spirit I found yesterday lasted approximately four hours. As usual, I had half an hour to kill at St Pancras on my way home last night and in one shop, they've just started a new 3 for 2 promotion. Great, except that I'd bought a load of presents at full price there last week. How irritating is that?! Talk about penalising the organised (or those who spend too much time waiting for trains). I brought it up with the manageress and showed her my receipt, but she said there wasn't really a lot she could do about it. Humbug!

No wonder London's commuters have been revealed as a ruthless bunch of eyes-down-headphone-wearing travel mercenaries who have to psyche themselves up, just to board the Tube - they must have made the same mistake as me. We'll have more on the London Assembly report that says overcrowding brings out a 'survival of the fittest' mentality among commuters, later.

Also tonight, hundreds of mourners gathered in central London for the funeral of Darren Chant, from Walthamstow, who was one of five British soldiers shot dead by a rogue Afghan policeman last month. The Regimental Sergeant Major with the Grenadier Guards leaves behind three children and a pregnant widow.

And we'll be talking in a somewhat eclectic mix of musical talent as Spandau Ballet join us to talk about their recent revival as they prepare to take their tour global. The interview has actually been pre-recorded, so I can tell you that they were really nice guys. Hard to believe that wranglings over royalties meant they spent years not talking to each other, let alone performing together. I did cynically wonder if they would arrive separately, turn it on for the cameras, and then go their separate ways, barely speaking to each other. But they seem to be having the time of their lives together.

Also on the show, a very unlikely duo with The Quo's Rick Parfitt teaming up with Rolf Harris on a Christmas collaboration. Maybe that will get me back in the mood???

By the way, I have a plan re: the shopping - You get the cheapest item free, so I'm going to take everything back for a full refund. Then, I'm going to buy back the three most expensive items thus getting the cheapest - which was £18 - for nothing. Then, I'm going to buy back the other two items, but only after adding a third to the basket, getting that free too. Neurotic? Maybe, but it's the principle!

See you at six

Matt and Katie