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Weather blog

Good evening,
It seems that the language of the comedy photo is a universal one.
My walk to work takes me past the London Eye & Big Ben & these landmarks are, inevitably, must sees for the tourists. Recently the strong winds & driving rain have curtailed photo opportunities with only the hardiest visitors grinning gamely at the camera from under the hoods of their Kagools while everything behind them has been reduced to a grey blur. Today's brighter conditions, however, have seen the photographers & their subjects out in force once again & almost all of them appear to be wearing the Eye as a halo or holding it in the palms of their hands or leaning nonchalantly against Big Ben or holding it delicately between thumb & forefinger.
And the photo oppportunities will continue for the rest of the week as things are looking reasonably fine, if a little chilly. Maybe we'll be treated to the Houses of Parliament draped in a cashmere scarf....
Hope to see you later,