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On the programme tonight: as we go to press, as they say, the convicted murderer Jane Andrews is still on the run, we speak to the brother of her victim, the man she was hoping to marry.

Plus the shocking story of a four year old boy stabbed to death in south London. His body was found at his family's home in Southwark last night. His 17-month-old sister was thankfully left unhurt, but the boy's parents were also found to have suffered stab wounds. Murray Dron is at the scene for us later.

Also coming up: warnings from our friends across the channel that a city-wide bike hire scheme in London could attract thieves and vandals. Police in Paris say eight thousand bikes have been stolen while an astonishing 18 thousand have been trashed by vandals.

Bit of history for you tonight too: If you saw Sunday's evening programme, we had the author of a fascinating book of photographs of London through the ages, some of which showed the destruction caused during the Blitz. It was mostly the East End which came to symbolise the capital's defiance, but another part of London suffered at the hands of the Luftwaffe. Now, the hundreds of civilians who died in Willesden have finally been given a permanent memorial. Lewis Vaughan Jones has been to find out more.

Most excitingly, though - our first grand People's Millions reveal! Lottery grants of tens of thousands of pounds are on offer and yesterday Glen Goodman showcased two very worthy contenders: Romford's Drum and Trumpet Corps and the Pedro Music Project in Clapton. The phone votes have been counted and Glen is no doubt spending the afternoon hiding behind a bin somewhere waiting to jump out and share the good news with one of the contenders! He'll also be showing us two more hopefuls, as well.

Also, a treat for Queen fans as Feltham remembers Freddie.

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