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Weather blog

Good evening,
There are many seemingly futile domestic chores, but we all do them despite this knowledge in a bid to keep standards high, make life pleasant & impose order on chaos.
Over the last few days I think I have discovered the most pointless of all these activities & one which provides only the most fleeting sensation of a job well done before the process needs to be started once again from scratch.
Raking leaves.
Our garden is surrounded by mature deciduous trees which are currently doing what you'd expect. On Thursday not one blade of grass was visible under the carpet of golden brown leaves, so I grabbed the rake & spent the morning clearing the decks. It was mindless & repetitive but at least I was outside & getting some exercise & by lunchtime things were looking good. However a sandwich & a cup of coffee later it was as if the garden hadn't been touched, the only evidence of my endeavours being assorted sacks of leaves waiting to be taken to the tip.
Thoroughly demoralising & yet I find myself wanting to get back out there & do it all over again. Perhaps before embarking on such folly I should take heed of my own forecast which is promising only a brief respite from the recent stormy conditions with a dry & bright day tomorrow, before a return to rain & strong (leaf stripping) winds later in the week.
Hope to see you later,